Making XiFi secure against Venom

As with any open compute systems, security is a serious issue which cannot be taken lightly. XiFi takes security seriously and has regular reviews of security issues which arise during node operations. As well as being reactive to specific incidents, proper security processes require regular upgrading and patching of systems. The Venom threat which was… Read More »

Quota Management in Openstack

One of the main jobs performed by the Infrastructures in XiFi is to manage quotas: the resources available are not infinite and consequently resource management is necessary. In Openstack this is done through quotas. Here we discuss how we work with them in Openstack. The main modus operandi of the Infrastructures is via command line – the… Read More »

Leveraging XIFI for conducting experimentally-driven research on 5G

Introduction. 5G communications pose certain requirements which need to be fulfilled in order to be able to provide evolved, demanding applications in a cost and energy-efficient manner. At the same time, 5G experimental facilities are essential in order to be able to test novel features prior to commercial deployment. The time is now for XIFI… Read More »

NITOS XIFI node – Integration of XiFi infrastructure with the FIRE testbeds

The University of Thassely (UTH) is participating in the XiFi consortium with the NITOS Cloud Infrastructure. NITOS stands for Network Implementation Testbed using Open Source platforms and components of it have been built throughout several EU-FP7 projects addressing the objectives set by the Future Internet Research and Experimentation initiative. NITOS testbed infrastructure is consisting of… Read More »

Neuropublic XIFi node: bringing Fi-WARE GE’s to the agricultural ecosystem

NeuroPublic S.A. (NP) is a pioneering and innovative IT company operating as software development and SaaS/PaaS/IaaS provider. Founded in 2003, it initially established itself as the first company that created Web Information Systems for the Financial Management of the Public sector in Greece and was certified from the central authorities for it. NP’s core market is… Read More »

Enabling experimentation on building and traffic management through the FIWARE node of the University of Piraeus

The University of Piraeus, through the work Telecommunication Networks and Services (TNS) Laboratory of the Department of Digital Systems, is establishing a XiFi node, which has the working title iWave (Internet of Things, Wireless Access and Virtualization Technologies for an Advanced Future Internet Experimentation Node). TNS XiFi Node Overview The TNS XiFi Node comprises an… Read More »